What Wahlberg in a Yankees Jacket?


Something that SO many of you never thought you would see. Donnie Wahlberg in a Yankees coat. Somewhere the Red Sox are poking a VooDoo doll for this one!! lol.. Don’t yell at me the pic is proof! =)

Back in 2012 my friend Amanda & I visited NYC. Im pretty sure this was her first Blue Bloods set visit. But I found the story that I had sent to one of my friends so I figured I would start my blog out right by posting that. So enjoy. Im sure I will have plenty more stories to follow.

We didn’t find Donnie the first two days we were there. Future reference im texting Yikes when i get there…

We went to the first set yesterday. No Donnie. I think we must have walked all over the South Sea street port under both bridges for hours. Call it sight seeing but we never found him. No trailers, no nothing. I think they were filming inside but you still would have thought there would at least be trailers?

Now mind you I’m Suzi Hopalong because I somehow fucked up my knee while walking. One of the older crew guys came up & asked if we were there to see Donnie. and Amanda was like yessssss, lol. So he whispered to us that he was 10 blocks down beside MSG, in the meantime I get a text telling me to fo find Nick Lachey because he was hosting the Today show & I had just been at Rockfeller center. BLAH… I was NOT a happy camper about that one.

So I limp the 10 blocks lol. We get to MSG and I hopped up on the wall right out front of Donnies trailer. I was done, tired & at this point I wasn’t moving I didn’t care who asked me to move. Well it was lunchtime so we were surrounded by about 50 construction workers asking a million questions! lmao.. Love the smooth how you doin New York accent. Then we see Johnny walking Lumpy down the street he says HI and goes into Donnies trailer.  Amanda looked further down the street to see Donnie heading into makeup. He pointed grinned and disappeared.


Two of my other friends show up & at this point it starts Pouring. Lighting and Thundering it was BAD! So we ran up for cover on the steps, luckily there was a office building there. So about 10 minutes later donnie comes out of makeup trailer and runs up the steps after us. I got the hug first and the mashing of my head into his chest. Not sure why but he always does this. NOT that I mind at all lol. I ended up telling him that we had been looking for the set for two days, he couldn’t believe we could not find him & told us we should have asked a certain someone because she usually knew how to find him. Then he hugged everyone else, at this point we were the only BH’s there so we lucked out even if it was raining. I mean its Donnie, he brings the rain. He had a huge umbrella and said someone walk me back to my trailer and I will give you my umbrella. So I volunteered to be that person and got to walk him over to his trailer. Giggling my ass off because I’m not a tall person, that umbrella was huge and I could barely hold it over both of our heads! He gives me the umbrella for us to stand under and he goes inside.

He comes out and says about 10 minutes later you 4 inside. HOLY SHIT. We were about to get our first trailer visit. We ended up spending 3hrs in the trailor with Johnny & Lumpy and the girls. Insane. It was kind of nice to know that he trusted us enough to get us out of the rain for awhile. There was another girl in there a Friend of the guys who turned out to be super nice as well, funny part I thought it was Donnies secret girlfriend. Lmao Im such an idiot. I didn’t find out til we got home that it wasn’t her. But seriously? 3 hours with Johnny lol. I wanted Donnietime & got Johnny instead. He’s a pretty funny guy to talk to thou.

Amanda went outside to smoke at one point and when she opened the door? A whole line of BH’s had now lined up the wall in the pouring rain. Word must have gotten out where he was. Were BH’s we don’t care. It could be a Monsoon and we would still show up for Donnie! I overhear Amanda being asked if I was inside the trailer to tell me to come out & say hi… how the hell do people even know I was in town??

So Donnie was on set the entire time & called and asked the one girl to tell us, he wanted to come back and rest. And wanted to know if we could go take a lunch break and come back later lol.

Well we went outside and the rest of the BH’s all ran in the Pouring rain down to his trailor to stop him. And with him being as nice as he is he took them all inside where we saw camera flashes going off like crazy. lol.. In the meantime to rain has turned into a wicked Monsoon. Amanda’s flight had gotten canceled and mine was moved back 4hrs and then moved again and I realized that I had to leave to catch my flight right then or I was going to get stuck in NYC.

Amanda got upset that she was being left in the city alone so I drug her back down to the trailer with me. I said come on will go say goodbye and then we can leave. Well the bodyguard who is as big as Earl was guarding the door. So I leaned down beneath his arm  so Donnie could see me & after the rest of the BH’s left he motioned for him to let me in.

Then he asked me to come back to the set later. Well of course I replied I had to fly home. He was like Oh Beerbabe why did you catch me at the wrong time. Your flight is going to get canceled you can stay! lol.. And he just gave me that look of his then he leaned over and kissed my head. He asked what we had done in the city, and I said we went to see Wicked. He said did you cry at the end? Cause i did. lol.. How damn cute.

I got another hug as I left and a see you soon.. and I was starting to freakout at this point because I had never navigated the NYC Subway alone. I always get mixed up on which direction I should be going. Luckily my friend got me on the right one but then there was the gypsy cab to the airport that went about a 100 mph the OH Shit handles were my best friend. And then the stormy flight home that had me a nervous wreck. But in the end it was well worth the craziness!!

Thank goodness for old FB messages where I found this story. It was nice to revisit that day. Until next time *MuchLove2U&CAP2*


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