Blue Bloods, Chocolate Martini’s and Donnie’s Trailer

Our flight was delayed 2hrs so by the time we got there the group of girls we were meeting had already ran into Donnie already. When we turned our phones on the first thing we see, is a tweet from Donnie saying MPD siting in NYC.

I was on my way to hang out with the MPD’s they made me an honorary member for the weekend. What does that mean? MPD means Mental Panty Droppers lol.. There a group of girls that met on the NKOTB ning board back in the day and this became their Fun nickname.

So we get to the Hotel room and drop our stuff off and head to upper Manhatten where Blue Bloods was filming. They were not as nice this year about letting us hang near the trailers. At one point Johnny (his assitant) came over said this is where they are filming go there. It was a block away. But three of us decided to lurk closer and when he headed to film so did we. We were in front of him. I had head my head buried in my phone when i hear *Oh There’s trouble* from behind me I totally had no clue he was talking to me until he was in front of me and says *What are you doing here?* Yes Donnie knew me from behind and was laughing when he realized I had no clue he was there because i looked up at him and all i could say was Oh Shit lol.. So he says im late (imagine that) and he goes to set.

Which we were allowed to hangout at. Its episode 8. Yes jackie is already gone and they were filming over a dead man in the park. Johnny had Lumpy (his Dog) over with us for awhile and then later Donnie walked Lumpy over to play and hangout for awhile. They even had to yell at him to come back to film lol he was to busy talking. About what? Hell if i remember.
2012-10-17 21.20.50
He was Doing Shakespeare in the dark goofing off so if you seen his tweet that was sorta shakesperian it all came from that lmao.. Then he starts singing Ohhhh MPD’s Ohhh MPD’s my new friends were losing there minds!! lmao.. How cute huh. It was getting colder its probably around 1230am or so and he looks at me and says are you the only one left? I was closer to where they were filming trying to see lol so i moved over so he could see the other girls behind me Then he says come over. Hes sitting in his acting chair. And says come over here with me and warm up. YES im losing it inside lol but they had portable heaters so I stood there beside him before he finally called the rest of the girls over. No idea what we were talking about dont remember once again. I know he said something about it being national butt day and I said no its national sleep naked day. And he relplies well I did that last night but i dont mind doing it again.. such a damn flirt. We were on set til about 2am when they broke for the night, he asked us back the next day..
The next day was pretty uneventful. We went to set the crew said they knew we would be there but they couldnt find any place to put us so we left and came back for the night shoot. We sat in a bar that was next to the set for happy hour girls drink free and had way too many chocolate martinis, well at least Jo and I did.. back to the set we went, the rest of the girls were ready to knock the two of us out because all we could do was giggle. We saw some of the night shoot, he yelled over at us Im done with this place Trailers!! HA. In Donnie lingo this means go back and meet hi. So back we went where all of these girls came outta nowhere and he leaves them all to come over and hug us. Opps.. First thing out of his mouth your all drunk!!! But it’s chocolate I say, lol He says to me.. And if you read this part you will truly see later How damn observant this man really is!! Beerbabe I thought you were Miss Independent?? Lmao What do i say to this? Ummmm…He takes a pic with us its not that great, he’s making us all do these DWAir poses that and being half drunk? Don’t mix. lol Then he says i have to be back on set at 9am so i will see all of you in the AM??? and he leaves..
Friday was crazy! pouring rain.. half the day go figure its Wahlberg… we went to the set met Justin Timberlakes old choreographer who is now just a pr guy lol but he kept us company while they were filming on the streets.. But where they were filming we couldnt see much so we found a spot at the trailers and set up camp like only a BH would do.. Donnie came back at one point and comes over and says Dont leave i have something i want you to hear. There is 4 of us and were all like wth? So then Johnny pops out of the trsiler an escorts us in has us sit down and precedes to play a track for us that was going to be on the new CD that was 6mths out. Wanting our opinions and said Donnie wanted to know our thoughts, us really? This is like by far an incredible thing to happen to any fan. We went back outside giddy as all hell then Johnny came out a few more times. I had to go to the bathroom and there was nothing close so he let me in the trailer yes Donnies trailer alone. How crazy is that but it’s nice to be trusted. Its late Friday night by this point were still hanging out an Blue Bloods is getting ready to come on. So Donnies tweets about everyone should be getting ready to watch Blue Bloods. So I tweeted do you have a tv in the streets we can watch? Johnny pops his head out of the trailer and says donnie wants you 5 in here to watch the show! 0_o so we were the first 5 in. All lined up on the couch. Then Donnie pops in with 10 more he had found on the set lmao. So now we have Donnie on Tv and Donnie in real life in this trailer with 15 lucky girls. He tweeted out a video And believe me during the commercial breaks we were all watching the So Called Dont Hate tweets come in lol.. Donnie didnt really stay to long but it was kinda awesome watching him, watching us watch that show.. He yelled at one of them to not look at him but to watch the show HA..

The set broke around 130 he gets back to his trailer we were waiting to say goodbye and thank him for such an amazing visit. He comes over to me and got my kiss and hug!! THUD! lol… BUT this is what i mean by observant. He looks at me and said Beerbabe Im GLAD you FINALLY got an affiliation with a good group of girls like the MPD’s basically telling me by putting Miss independent and that together? I think you get the idea.. how weird is that.. Then he asks us about what we think of the new song. Did we approve? My 19th old self is dying inside. I would love to see how that mans mind ticks sometimes…

What an amazing weekend. New friends. More Donnie time then anyone could ever ask for and NYC all in just four days!!💋


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