The Ripped Tank, The Rose & Front Row.. Best Night EVER

I started going to 5* a few years after the New Kids reunion tour. Their expensive this one cost me $500.00 but it was so well worth every penny. 
Ok so going into this Five * i was about half freaked out. Yes i have met them all. And know Donnie. BUT when I’m around him and he’s Danny Reagan I’m fine. When he gets near me as Ddub, its a whole other level of Holy Shit. Teenage Fangirl me I guess..

So we get into ILLA (I Love All Access) and I had to go get a drink. My nerves were shot. My friend Amanda and I didnt have a group of 10 and I had no idea wth was waiting for me on the other side of that curtain. We waited around until we found other first timers and hoped for the best by standing at the back of our group.

We walk in and Danny’s first so we were told to hug everyone first before lining up and of course that didnt happen. I hugged Danny, and came to Donnie next. Open arms.. Whats up Suzi Q. Yes I nearly had the big one RIGHT THERE. Hes NEVER once called me Suzi or suzi Q. Nothing. Its always Beerbabe.

So thats as far as I got. Hes hugging me and I blurt out its my first five star. And he says Thats Impossible. Theres NO WAY this is your first. Impossible. I’m like well it is and I’m kinda nervous. I have NO idea what Im doing can i stand next to you? I,m laughing as I write this up, I must have sounded like a complete idiot.

He replies, well hurry up and step back. So I do and Jordan comes back and stands right beside me. Donnie precedes to say. Beerbabe you are one of the luckiest girls ever to get to stand between Jordan and I both in a Five star. Your getting a Knightburg andwhich. Well there getting ready to take the pic and Jordan looks over and says Beerbabe? Youur Beerbabe? Umm wth does that mean? lol. I never got a reply. I think Donnie may have said thats her or something? I cant remember, It’s one big blur…

I blurted out something stupid to Jordan about a meetngreet hugged Joe and Jon and then we left to go find our seats.
Our seats? Front row at Tip dead center. Worth every penny i spent on this show. It was like the guys were coming right for you when they came down that stage….

We get to Covergirl and Donnie’s coming down the stage ripping his tank off. Amandas trying to video it without Earl & Victor catching us because they were spotlighting ppl left and right for videoing and they were standing right in front of us..

He rips off the tank. Wipes his chest and yes his balls with it and then whoosh throws it straight to me. I was in shock so it starts to bounce, the girl i had met beside us is screaming omg he just thru it to you. Trys to help me catch it when this other lady four people down grabs it out of our hands. At this point my hand is wrapped in the tank and she’s pulling me and the tank with it and not letting go. I wasnt about to let go of that he thru it to me!!! so Victor comes over with scissors and cuts it so she can let go of me. I thinked him she just ripped it away. Seriously who does that, my friends had hold of me so I didn’t go flying over the baricade an Donnie keeps on singling lol.

You can see the tank coming twds us & then amandas camera going haywire when the shit hit the fan . lol. Priceless… And Yes it still smells of sweat. ha..

The tank is now hanging on my wall in a shadow box along with our five star picture.


Priceless night LOTS of memories!!


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