Hair Vitamins that actually work

So I heard last year how great It works Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins were. Due to an overwhelming  bit of a stress last year my hair started to fall out. And not your normal mess I actually had a bad spot. If you know me? You know my hair is something I will soak all kinds of money into just to have it perfect.
  A trip to the hair salon and I was told I needed to start taking hair Vitamins ASAP or it would just get worse. So I bought a bottle that was a tad bit expensive for my tastes an in 2 weeks that small spot I was freaking out over was disappearing. But seeing as thou they were expensive I spent the last few mths buying dept store vitamins. Big fat No waste of money.

The opportunity  came up to try It works for a mth without locking myself into something so I decided why not? In just one short mth the texture of my hair has totally changed, the split ends have drastically decreased  and where I us ally can let my hair go for a few mths without being colored after 6 weeks I need to go back so it’s definitely  growing..

I decided to take the plunge an see where this goes. I was told it would take at least 3 months to see results. But if it’s like this after 1 month? I cant wait to see what the end of summer brings!

Try it for yourself


I will be back to share pics as the adventure continues.. stay tuned


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