The Day I met Will Smith

This is possibly one of the funniest pictures you will ever see of me & the Paparazzi caught my moment in time..A few years back we were in New York City on a Blue Bloods adventure.. This was pretty much around the time that Blue Bloods first started. We caught wind the night before that Men in Black 3 were shooting a few blocks from our hotel. So the night before we went an scooped out where the street closed signs were and what was filming and the hours. Which pretty much was the entire day. So the next morning we set out to find the set. There’s nothing better then to be able to watch something filming right before your eyes. I came out of the hotel and about flipped out when I saw a giant Blown Up Rat sitting out in front. I thought holy hell this is part of the set! Yeah small town girl in me did not realize that it was supposed to  be a Giant Bed Bug and the Union was picketing our hotel. lol.. YES I was that gullible. But wait doesn’t that look like a rat?


We walked a few blocks and we found this!! And if you watch Men in Black 3 you can see this very part I watched being filmed from across the street. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. However.. everyone around me was speculating as to if this was Will in the car or if it was his stand in. So I just think yeah it was Will lol.. 191 197 181

It was fun to watch… we left for awhile to go get some lunch and hangout in the city. We were on a side street walking back to our hotel in Times Square when we started to see Trailers. You see those? your start to investigate! I mean who knows who you just many run in too and thats when i happened to me. I Turned around And…..


Yes that is me with my mouth hanging to the ground. lol.. This was after I turned around to find him right behind me holding out his hand. I think I was probably in mid of saying OMG. =) 

A few days after we got home from NYC thru that wonderful world of twitter I get a tweet with someone asking if this was me. I always forget when I’m in NYC that well its NYC. There are celebs at every corner and with them comes along the Paparazzi, which for once I am thankful for. Because they caught my moment for everyone to laugh at for years to come.

Will is the nicest guy!! He took tike to shake hands at everyone running towards him from the street when they realized it was him. Even with Security telling him that he had to go.. What a amazing chance encounter that was


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