The time we watched Hines Ward save the day

Did I catch your attention??

batman-dark-knight-rises-gotham-rogues-footballA few years ago I managed to get a few friends an I passes to be extra’s for the movie Dark Knight Rises while it was filming in Pittsburgh. Honestly to this day I cannot still believe my luck. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of.

We had to be at Heinz Field pretty early that morning and were requested to wear Black & Gold to show our support for the Gotham Rogues. I have Plenty of Steelers gear, but of course I wasn’t allowed to wear it.  And it was Winter in Gotham City so winter coats were required as well. They put us in buses an off we went to Heinz field for a day in the Hot sun.Once we were in the stadium they moved us soo many times. And its sorta crazy because thanks to the wonderful world of editing the stadium looks as if it was filled but in reality they just used the few sections over & over again in the movie. We ended up in the lower lever pretty much behind the goal post, right where the 86 Ward sign is. I’ve looked for myself in the movie and haven’t found me yet, but at least I know i was a part of history. It hit 103 that day. Talk about hot. We were there for about 13hrs putting our winter coats on & off as they filmed. I think we heard the little boy sing the National Anthem over & over for almost an hour.


The best part was getting to see Hines ride in on the Bat Mobile & some of the other Steelers players film as well. Guess I should add there was some Ravens there as well on the other team. I’m from MD but shh I’m not a fan! 😉 For me being a HUGE Steelers fan this was like a dream come true. I mean how many people can say they watched their favorite team film Batman?? Right before Bane made his appearance on the other side of the field, these guys below showed up. We had to throw ourselves on the ground a few dozen times and act as if we were scared for our lives. I mean imagine a AK47 in your face even if its fake.. we were near the top of the bleachers at this point so we were right where they entered the stadium. Pretty freakin cool if you ask me. 226167_10150745026060613_3370389_n

It was a very long, Very hot day. Watching the field get blown up. Trying to make out what Bane was sayin.. We never did figure that one out. But I would do this all over again if I had the chance..Of course I would. Once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. I don’t live as close to PGH as I wished I did, because I would of loved to have seen more of this movie being filmed.. 284257_10150742037025613_3007743_n



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