Joey McIntyre in Detroit at the Magic Bag 2010

A few blogs I never ended up writing because my friend Amanda had already written one. I’m taking the pictures etc from my old blog & putting a spin on what i remember. Crazy that this was all the was back in 2010. Where the hell does time go? It feels like yesterday! Or at least the memories do!

My friend Lisa & I had driven on a very foggy night to Ohio to meet Amanda for this crazy Roadtrip to downtown Detroit to see Joey Mac. Funny thing about roadtrips, you Never know what may happen along to the way. And the first thing? My Tom Tom GPS took us to a cornfield in the middle of Ohio and said You have reached your destination. That’s NOT what downtown Detroit looks like lol.. so after a few detours we Finally made it there safely. The show was General Admission so we went and scoped out the line which was only 20 ppl deep at the time and went to grab some food. in the meantime we find 8 Mile. ok Im freakin out this is where Enimem grew up. It was an interesting place cops everywhere you looked. So we decided to eat & head back to the club just to be safe. We pull behind the Club and find Joeys bus on accident. No we were for once NOT trying to bus stalk πŸ˜‰

We tried tweeting him to see if he’d come out since Amanda had a MacPac Card (*1601) LOL It didn’t work so we decided to go back to the hotel, get ready & come back.

Detroit is a VERY cold town I was to find out! When we came back to get in line there were only 10 more ppl who had come in the meantime πŸ™‚ We got in line behind two BH’s who were sisters-very fun to hang out with as we waited 3hrs or so til the let us in. Luckily they were local and had a few friends that were cops that went an got us all some hot chocolate to drink. The preceded to say do NOT go 2 miles that way or 3 miles that way. I had to ask why.. They responded you will get Shot. So thanks joe for introducing me to the hood of Detroit!

We ended up with Amazing spots. 5 people deep from the stage! Seeing as thou this was my very first Joe Solo show I had a fantastic night. He brings a different kind of style to the stage then when hes with the group.

And a new fave now… “I’m Waiting”…

That boy can sing his ASS OFF!!


This pic is without any zoom, yeah we were pretty close! πŸ™‚

“If I Run Into You” i had forgotten about this song! luv it!

J-Block was in the audience so Joe had to bring him up on stage to do “Games”

A cpl more…

After the show we went out to the parking lot behind the club where the bus was. We waited over an hr trying to decide what to do, when we found Ethan πŸ˜€

A little while later we saw that Ethan tweet that he was having a drink at Boscos, so we decided to get out of the cold, have a drink then come back & see if anything was going on. We took a seat at the bar, opposite end of Ethan, it didn’t take too long til he came down & asked why we were all the way down there & to come join him πŸ™‚ We had another drink, just chatting when a friend came in to tell us she’d just gotten a pic w/ Joe on the bus! Later Ethan…we ran around back & were the last 3 in line to meet Joe. Johnny was numbering everyone’s hands, I was last girl on-then he said that’s it πŸ˜€

Here’s us w/ Johnny while waiting our turn to see Joe!

All 3 of us went in together, got our hugs & talked with him for a few minutes. Super excited! Were actually on Joe’s bus!!!Β  “Cute Hat Guy” told Joe how far Lisa & I had driven from PA for the show, Joe said wow, i hope it was worth it! lol We thanked him & left, he looked exhausted!

Before heading back to the hotel we had to stop for some White Castle becuase 1) it was the only thing open & 2) Me & Lisa had never had it before! lol


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