Coming Home Screening-Wheeling, WV 2010 with NKOTB

Welcome to Wheeling, WV a very tiny town on the border of WV and Ohio. Who knew that this little place would be the winner of a New Kids on the Block – Coming Home Screening Party.

I was among the lucky ones to get picked for this screening. It’s been years now since this happened in 2010, but I wanted it here for the memories. So many of my friends now that I hadn’t even met yet were at this very same event so it’s fun to take a trip back in time to remember.

It was super cold that day I think it was all of 15 degrees outside and we got there super early to meet my friend Patti and her Husband. They were already at the front of the line and prepared for a very long cold day.


The local news showed up later in the day and a few of my friends were lucky enough or should i say volunteered to be interviewed!



After sitting in line almost all day a few fights further down the line with people trying to cut in front of us an the usual craziness that comes along with a New kid Adventure we finally got inside.


And of course had to take a picture with the Coming Home Poster.

We were lucky enough to get seats with the guys right in front of us. It was fun to watch them, watching all of us.



And just a few videos to share for y’all to see what it was like in that place. Movies, Popcorn and New Kids on The Block!



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