The Rise and Fall of 211 Emily Street – Rolling Mill


Within the last few months my once nice neighborhood is now turning into a Dangerous Environment. All thanks to the city of Cumberland, buying up what random houses they could get their hands on. So this leads me to believe that we will soon either be facing Eminent Domain or Condemnation due to a blightened  environment that the city has caused. Where this is leading only the CEDC knows and their is no transparency into this project for us to tell at this point.

Below I want to show you the rise & fall of 211 Emily Street, Which is the house right beside me. Last summer the owner was remodeling the inside and now it looks as if a tornado hit the outside. He was told he could take whatever he wanted from this property since they would be bulldozing anyway. And thats exactly what he did. Stripped the house of all it’s doors and woodwork, cabinets, pipes you name it he took it to resell so he could get more profit out of this lowball sale.

There once was a garage in the backyard. Just a few months back I was calling the cops on a nightly basis. Because of a freeloader buying drugs and my yard sounding like a late night porn. I hate to even admit this but I think it’s something that must be known. Two weeks with me calling the Police they show up one night and the lady that had been living in the shed tells them she has had permission to be there. As it turns out not only was she in this shed but there was a runaway teen from Pennsylvania and her Boyfriend hiding inside the house as well. The owner before selling tore down this shed and left it laying in the yard all over the place. How many other houses in this area are now hosting vagrants that we do not know about.

However he also left the city a Total eyesore on purpose. Took half the siding and left the rest just hanging so you can see wood and insulation as well. It wasn’t the best looking property last fall but now? Now its one of the most blightened home’s in our area.  I know their are code violations because if you have read my last blog you will know that I have been threatened nearly $400.00 fines a day for the Insulbrick on my home due to fire code violations. There were times as well that I would also get letters in the mail threatening code violations because my hedges were just to high. But yet here’s this house beside me that belongs to the CEDC falling down and putting my home, my car and any citzen in danger that walks past this house.

Fall 2015

Rolling Mill Houses Video







2016-02-15 15.52.34



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