98 Degrees My2K Tour Sands Casino

For the first time in over 3 years I finally got to see my boys back on stage together. This time headlining for the first time in over 16 years. The My2KTour was a Amazing trip back in time. And I’m so Happy I got to be a part of this adventure. If you watch the Q&A below the reference about the Steelers is towards me. LoL.. Its a Pennsylvania Pounder!. Drew & Nick have this little rivalry with me going on since their Bengals Fans!! Always a friendly little competition!

The concert didn’t disappoint!! I had front row but we were so far over to the side that it was hard to see the entire show. They had a big screen where fans sent in photos to be displayed in the background.  I was in Florida at the time. I’m not really sure who sent in a picture that the guys could use for me. But I am forever grateful. Because even if I wasn’t at every show, I got to tour with them all summer on that big screen. I wasn’t aware Nick told me I had a photo op and had no idea what that meant. I didn;t even see it till I got to the next show lol..



I had ONE to many Una Noche’s lol…. But It was ana amazing night!

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