Confessions of a New Kids on the Block Contest Winners Friend

I Totally just found this written on an old New Kids on the Block blog that I used to have. Names have been changed because people move on in life. But this is definitely an adventure I wanted to remember & deserves to go here. So read on & Enjoy!

This wild ride to Da Beantownland all started a few months ago, when my friend Minx won a Streetlight Contest to spend the day with Donnie!! OMG was I excited. Having never met Donnie before I have to admit I was on cloud 20!! There wasn’t much information. Donnie announced it and she was the 3rd contest winner sooo Chicago it was!! Never been to Chicago before so I was really excited at Seeing Donnie & a visiting a City I’ve never been to before =)

We had tickets already to go to the Sugar Bar in Columbus..So we packed our bags (thinking) that we would be flown into Chicago after the show in C-Bus. Minx had gotten an email from Flossy wanting all of our info for the Flight on DWAir there..So away we went to meet Amanda & Lexi for a Fun-Filled night. We arrived there early but when Minx & I ran into Flossy at the beginning of the night, he said we would have an email the next day, so we were fine with that & went on & had an amazing night, where I finally got to meet Donnie after 22yrs!!! Nothing was going to bring me down off of that high…

UNTIL the next morning when that email never came.. With a Crying contest winner we headed home. That was possibly the longest trip ever…But I still had faith that something good would come of this mess, at least I hoped.

About 2 weeks later the tickets were released for the House of Blues concert & we were lucky enough to score a few tickets!! Girls Gone Bad Krew would be hitting Boston to have a Wonderful Knight.. Then Minx got a phone call asking if we would like to go to Atlanta or Boston as a replacement for the busted Chicago Show. She decided on Boston. So that the other winners would have their contest to themselves. But I still held onto that ticket. Worried that something would go wrong. We got flight plans that night. They were flying us in a 3pm the day of the show & back out at 9am the next morning.. In the winter? What if there were flight delays or cancellations? So she wrote back cause we really wanted to see the city as well & Johnny changed our flights for us. We booked a room for the first 2 nights & waited on other info…

The days got closer & we both started getting nervous. We had our hotel room. We had our flights. So I decided to let go of my Sacred Concert ticket & in the back of my mind. I was worried sick. Everyone kept saying you will be fine. But they had not already been screwed out of a show already either. I’m pretty damn sure you would be nervous as well.

So on Friday the 17th with no sleep & a two hour drive, I met Minx at the PGH airport. For her first flight on a plane.. It was 5am. The Security lines were long & we were both exhausted already. We landed in the bean around 8am & the cab whisked us away to our AWESOME hotel suite…I must admit it was probably one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in!!

BUT we still had no idea what the plans were for Sunday.. Still no tickets for the Show or a Hotel Room to stay in. Minx had tried countless times to get ahold of a certain someone. With no reply. So here we are stranded in Boston. There could be worse things right?? So we made the best of the day.. Took an Old time Trolley Ride, Went on the Skywalk at the Prudentual Center. Where we FINALLY got a text back from Flossy w/ another phone # to get n touch with Johnny. We were relieved to say the least. We went back to our hotel room to get in touch with him ONLY to find out that he had totally given us the wrong phone number. The first 6 digits were exactly the same. More emails & texts to him & not once did he ever answer us back. So with all hopes dashed two very sad girls roamed the brisk streets of Boston trying to find the Cheers on Beacon Street to find our girl Lisa.

When we finally arrived almost an hour late. The bartender with the Hawt Boston accent yells at us to look at the Tv. Since Lisa decided to tell him that we were in town to see the New Kids. He replied you mean the 5 bad brothers from da beantownland?? =) So we look up to see Donnie being Interviewed at the Celtics game that we were planning on going to.. He also gave us a card to call just in case we ended up with no tickets for Sundays show… We left there soon after. Took some pictures & put our tired butts to bed..

The next day the rest of the Bad Girl Krew were arriving. Luckily we managed to get ahold of Johnny thru email that morning. His accent let me tell ya, I could listen to all day. But he called & said that Donnie had told him to get back to the city asap because of the storm & that he would be in touch with us later that night to fill us in on what we were to do. That we would be taken care of. Breathing a sigh of relief we got ready to venture out in Boston & meet the girls…So funny to be actually talking to him on the Telephone when all I really wanted to do was Scream J-O-H-N-N-Y!!! lmao.. cant help it.

So we headed over to their hotel only to find out that Lexi was arriving late from being on standby in Chicago because of the Blizzard of ’09 that decided to hit the same weekend. THANK GOD we had asked Johnny to switch those flights or we would have never seen Boston. We made plans to meet at Fanueil Hall.. Had some dinner & drinks at Dick’s last Resort and then headed back home to get ready for the Blockhead Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Dinner was amazing.. Lots of incredible Girls from all over & one very special guest. Donnie, who yes Did go around & hug each & every one of us.. Before saying I F**king Love you & Dashing away for Robs Party! Which we were not going to attend & then decided at last minute that what the hell why not. So Minx, Lisa & I headed there while the rest of the girls headed home for the night. Im So glad that we went. We finally got to meet up with Michelle & Em who I had been friends with for years thanks to 98 degrees! I had just never met him in person!!

I was told that Johnny was there so I figured what the hell. I went & introduced myself & Minx to him and he said to follow him & wait at the bottom of the ramp he would be taking us up to VIP. So ok I drag Minx over & there we stood. LoL. I have to laugh at all of this. Im a tiny girl but I wasn’t letting anything from keeping Minx from getting her prize!! He takes us up to VIP. Which was Super tiny & Super Smooshed. He brings Donnie over introduces us as the girls he would be spending the next day with and of course I had to speak up. lol and say. You have no idea who I am. And hes looking at me like well hell no why should I? =) So I went on to say I am your BeerBabe as in BeerBabeSuzi. He grabs ahold of me and Says *Holy Shit I Love you..* *I’ve been following you almost as long as you’ve been following me* Then he says I LOVE You again.. (makes a girl feel good) he then turns around with me in a big bear hug and screams to whoever will listen *THis is my BeerBabe & I love her* lol. I laugh still as I write this.. He gave Minx a hug & away he went to do his thing.. I grabbed Johnny not long after & said we were leaving, I couldnt take the damn crowd and walked out into the Boston Blizzard of ’09. We got lost & looked like frozen Popsicle by the time we made it back to our room. But we were happy & off to bed we went…

The next morning we got ready & headed to our new hotel. Which might I add was possibly the scariest taxi ride I have ever had in my entire life. It was still snowing like hell & this Taxi drive was ALL over the place. But we made it safely. Got ready & headed down to the Lobby to meet Johnny who of course was running on Wahlberg time. =) And we all know what that means!! He shows up says he has to get Donnie & they would be right back down. The contest was supposed to be spend the day with Donnie. Which would have been amazing. But at this point sad to say I was just worried about getting the tickets after everything we had been thru… They come back down to the lobby. He walks over gives minx her hug, walks over & says Beerbabe (lol) gives me my hug. And then Minx gave him his Christmas Present from her which she nicknamed GW & you can find the video on youtube! Then they leave.. With the plan that were supposed to be meeting Johnny at 630. Like I said I was just happy to get those tickets…

We were supposed to have a Limo ride to the party but due to unforseen events an a shattered Minx we never made it downstairs in time to go with Johnny. So he left us stickers & told us to get ahold of him once we got to the HOB. We get inside & see Donnie peaking out of a private door. So I walk over point to our stickers & say *Where does this get us?* The guy tells us to go thru the door so we do & were backstage. WoW. Never been backstage before.

I look up to see Donnie walking down the steps & pointing at us sayin *YOU come with me* lol… So here is Minx & I wandering down the hallway & up these steps with the Marshmellow right in my face!! Whoa…He looks at me & asks me what Contest I had won. Then i get this. I can’t believe your here!! You of all people & your here and he’s hugging me all thru this. Yes I felt bad because I was getting more attention. It wasn’t intentional an i never meant it to be that way. Did i enjoy every minute of it? My inner 19yr old was screaming for joy! However he had no clue why we were even there & thought I had won. I was like No this is Minx’s contest & she went on to explain how we had ended up there. Johnny wasnt really to sure to be honest either earlier that morning, when he was trying to make plans.. So Donnie takes us to what he called a Super Secret Hallway, Stuck us beside the Choir & told us to eat.. Yes I said eat.. Oh & that we were to take NO pics with any other New Kids unless he was in it.. I had to laugh at that.. In fact We never Got ANY pics at all, because we never seen him after that. But thats ok,.. Im just glad that we were there & things had finally fell in place. =( =)

Concert started. We were in the 2nd tier right over top of the guys.. Great views might I add. And it was possibly the best concert I have EVER seen in my life. When New Edition walked out I thought i was gna drop my camera on someones head!! i got some great shots & vids I was a happy happy girl…Most amazing night ever!! Concert over & here we are wandering around again not sure where to go.. We ended up in the back hallway next to the guys dressing room, by complete accident.. Someone walks right past us and says hey girls… We say HI back & then I hit Minx and was like Holy Shit that was Joey.. sorry Ive never been that close I think i was in shock. I’m trying to find johnny and instead I find Donnie talking to his girlfriend. And that was super awkward so Im backing away so he doesn’t see me looking at them and then Jordan starts making his way to us as well. I thought i was gna get to meet him but Johnny whisked us away into a Limo with a bunch of people we didnt know but were very sweet at the same time & Johnny yellin.. Whys this Limo smell like Cat Piss.. The smell was horrible!!!

We went to the VIP party at the Estate was right over top of Donnie in a Balcony while he sang and met some more BH’s while we were up there. But once again it was so Smooshed I couldnt see anything let alone move & I had to stand on a cushion to even see Donnie when he came up…

We left Boston the next morning with some amazing tales, New Friends and Some of the best BH Stories I have made yet.. I want to thank Donnie & Johnny both for coming thru & taking care of us that weekend even when they were as clueless as we were!! I cannot wait to do this again. Would I go thru all the stress & agony that it took us to get there. Yes.. BUT I have learned thru this experience that Not everything nor Everyone are always what they seem…

Donnie stopped by Hard Rock Cafe Boston at a fan organized Blockhead Dinner 12-19-09 to say hello to & hug ever fan there… that’s a lota love from 1 man!!!.He never ceases to amaze me! I was SO happy that my husband John got to see the magic of Donnie F’N Wahlberg! LOL He keeps talking about just how giddy I was just being near him!


22 yrs Later My 1st Facetime w/ Donnie Wahlberg

WoW I just found an old Blog that I had written way back on November 12, 2009. I don’t want to lose it again since I had forgotten all about this to begin with. So I’m reposting here. Lets take a trip back down Memory Lane.

WoW..last night was a complete whirlwind…Im still I think flying on a Ddub High. 22 yrs ago I was 17 (I feel SO old now) getting ready to graduate from High School. And starting to fall in love with a little unknown Boy Band called *New Kids on the Block* or more or less Donnie Wahlberg.

Slowly the old Menudo posters were coming down off the walls & being replaced with the Nk’s. The 5 Bad Brothers from Da Beantownland. I graduated & started my Freshman year in college..Still living at home & my Dad was happy as hell that finally I stopped listening to the spanish music (because basically I didn’t understand a word of it) and driving him crazy to send me to Puerto Rico to meet Menudo! LoL..Replacing it with trying to go to Boston in my Mom’s Horizon w/ only a lerners permit to find the New kids. I laugh at myself just reading this.

The Spring of 1988 my first wish came true. New Kids opened up for Tiffany. Thats right the OPENING act for Tiffany. At a tiny racetrack in Hagerstown, MD. I remember standing outside the gates w/ my childhood best friend & my Mom (who loved them as much as I did) with literally 100’s of other girls screaming at the top of our lungs for those Gorgeous Guys we were all falling so hard in love with!! They were the opening act but we were all there to see them. My pictures I was SO proud of, back then?? lol..they looked like ants..the only thing I can make out in the photo is the guy in the striped Blue & White shirt…Which I remember as being JON…

That same summer they started showing up on Dance Party USA…I begged, I pleaded & cried to go to Philadelphia to get on my fave dance show & see them at the same time. but still I had no car & there was no way that my Dad was going to let me & my Mom venture into Philly by ourselves..My Mom tried. Her fave show growing up was American Bandstand, so she knew right where I was coming from. So we settled for watching them on the TV..I remember the interview (cause i still have it on video) of Donnie promoting his *North Side Boys* And of course Jimmy Marsh was part of that Duo.

Then the big tours started. Once they really blew up on the scene. They landed at the Star Lake Amphitheater in Pittsburgh. I had that Concert add cut out & hanging on my fridge. The place where all the Hints of a present i really wanted was for my Daddy. 🙂 Something happened. I think it may have been that the concert sold out or the car broke down? But I never got to go & all I did was cry…I was devastated..1988 ended up being the only concert I got to see with them all together.

A few years later we all (the nk’s & I) started growing up & going our seperate ways…My posters started coming down. Although Face the Music was my very First CD (how funny is that?) Inside? Yeah I was still secretly loving them, but no one really needed to know that!! 🙂 The Fan Club stuff, The letter I got from Alma about Donnie, the posters the pins all got packed away in my memory chest..I wasn’t going to part with any of it..And life moved on…

Then my Father was diagnosed with Cancer. He was in the Vets Hospital in DC for over 6mths. My Mom & I spent at least 3 days a week driving back-n-forth to that hospital, which was a 2hr drive. Life was hard but we managed to get thru. My Daddy came home, weak but getting stronger everyday. That is until my Mother was diagnosed with cancer a year after that…It wasn’t long before she was gone. It was a Cancer that came on fast & took her before we knew it…

I started escaping into the world of 98 Degrees. My mom did manage to see their cassette cover (haha) right before she passed & honestly somehow they helped me get thru that horrible summer of losing her & having a Daddy that was fading fast as well. I lost him 6mths later that same year… Please do not pitty me. Just cherish the ones that you love closely. And give all the love you have to them while there here…

Why do I bring up 98 Degrees?? Because sometime after they went there sepearte ways…Jordan hooked up with my Fave guy Jeff Timmons. They made a song *Where is your Heart tonight* & started touring. I had plans to go see them. But for some reason ticket sales were low. And the concert I was supossed to see? You guessed it…was cancelled due to lack of sales….

So last year I hear the New Kids are coming back. There website started showing signs of life & some of my longtime NK friends that I met on a Yahoo Board. Rodelyn & Jen were SO super excited. Inside i secretly was as well…But I was layin low. Trying to stay in denial where i thought i was happy. (go ahead & laugh if you really know me). Concerts in 2008 came & went…None of my real friends were much into NK so it was very easy to stay there…in denial.

I started meeting some Nick Lachey friends (once again 98 pops back in the picture) @InSearchofNKOTB girls…just so happened to know someone that had 2 free tickets to the Baltimore Show & wanted to know if I wanted them…I fought with it inside & finally I thought what the hell do I have to lose there free right? I grabbed a friend that was remotely interested & went…


Were all the way up in the balcony on the side seats, where they were not the greatest but they were free. Were looking around at all of these girls in there old New Kid Garb…Neon clothes..shirts that said I Heart NKOTB etc…and thought seriously?? Do not judge me here I was Still in Denial remember that…

THEN they came out on stage…Tears welled up in my eyes like they are now & I had the best night ever…I was on the phone calling my old bestie from college wanting to see if she wanted to go to the Penn State show with me that following week. All it took was a simple glance at the 5 bad Brothers from Da Beantownland once again & that denial Bubble that I had myself in was gone in a poof of an eye!! The concert ended it was frezzing in downtown Baltimore but i braved it to go bus stalk to see if I could find DDUB 22 yrs later…We waited & waited. I was froze had a 2hr drive home so we left. As i was entering the parking garage i hear screaming coming from the buses & find out the very next morning that Donnie walked out 5 minutes after i left…I was ready to cry my eyes out that next morning…

Penn State came around…Met more kool Friends @dori23 @inserachofnkotb @nkangel74 and froze outside in 4o degrees weather w/ a crazy old grandpa chasin us away from the fence. We were doing pose-offs to keep warm. Yes I said Pose-offs…No Donnie. No NKOTB just 6 frozen sad girls & NO Facetime! lmao…

3 concerts later & no 5* cause i really could not afford it at the time. I was still a facetime virgin with all 5 guys…I really only wanted to meet Donnie. Gotta stay true to myself & my teenage years. But each one had grown into 5 beautiful men in there own ways…my last show was Pittsburgh. Well everyone knows how much he loves that Damn waffle House. There was one in Washington, PA. But it was 20 minutes away. Would he really go that far for Waffles? Twitter was growing by this point..I was meeting some new wonderful friends that ACTUALLY get me & know where I am coming from. Meaning why we get emotional or super excited when you meet one of the guys or get that FOLLOW that everyone wants to see so badly. Some going to crazy extremes at times. It means that the ones you were sending fan letters to all of those years ago, FINALLY noticed that you were alive! lol… Or why there are tears in your eyes at a concert etc… I would sit back & read about this person or that getting there facetime for the first time or fourth time. Going to shows & parties. Being sooo insanely jealous & Sooo damn happy for them at the same time. And everyone saying don’t worry your chance is coming..And thinking its NEVER gonna happen. Back to the Waffle House in PA. As it turns out I went to that concert that night in PGH. Didn’t have a ticket * got 11th row center when the gates opened & met @covergirl_76 whom i only met thru twitter & started a friendship I am pretty sure will last for a lifetime. Would you believe that this same concert was home of the old Star Lake the place where I missed that other NKOTB concert all of those years ago?? Amanda had to go home to OH-IO & I had to go home to MD. But we both had to pass that Waffle House. Should we go?? We chose no, because no one out there told us that yes Donnie & his posse was going to be there. Found out the next morning at work & once again those tears came..

What made it better?? Was the fact that about a month later I became Donnies 75th follow. All it took was just a little something that caught his eye. 1 simple little tweet..That meant something to me & it worked. #ThankyouDonnie (something that trended today) for that. It made me happy. Y? because of course I was finally seen 22 yrs after I first fell in love with him. (lol) Still it wasn’t Facetime that I wanted so badly… Donnie announced numerous parties, after the concerts ended but i was working hard & had no time to take off. Then the Rise & Grind Parties were announced. And lo & behold my Winter layoff at work was hitting at the same time. He says hes going back to the Sugar Bar in OH-IO and I couldn’t believe my luck. Would it really all fall into place this time that I could actually have the chance to meet him? Plans were made..4 friends from twitter meeting in OH-IO to go to a party together..We all kinda sorta knew each other some in person some not. But we have that BH Bond (sisterhood) & somehow it makes it ok.. We got tickets, then scored the Golden Ticket as like to call it. FACETIME…

4 hrs & no food trip to OH-IO and were waiting in line to see Donnie. It all seemed so surreal. We were let into the club. And we were the first 4 girls let in to see Donnie. ME? Number 2. I looked at him & was like holy shit! (lol) is that actually him?? Sunglasses & NO hat…I LOVE that look…I didn’t even have time to think it all happened so fast. I walked up to him & hes standing there with arms wide open. What the hell do I do? LOL So i hugged him back. And he looks at me & says *Whats Wrong* (im such a goof) all I could utter out was the fact that I had never done that before!! He hugged me again, kissed me on the forehead & said *Well you are a Facetime Virgin No More* so softly that I think i am lucky I didn’t passout right there.. I’m so serious. 22yrs of waiting to hear those words.

Then I regained my composure & managed to blurt out who I was on Twitter, and thats when if you watch the video we hug again when he realized who i was… *Now I know who you are when Im tweeting you* He high fived me and I was back out with my friends… So fast & so much I would have NEVER remembered had it not all been caught on Video Thank god!! (sorry Johnny!!)

On to his party. I had the MOST amazing night with new friends. @covergirl_76 @lioneris @stephspenser @ddubscookie @ddubslady77 Dancin, singing to Donnies new songs…Having a few drinks & just letting go for the evening. Maybe one of the VERY Best nights I have had in a very long time. And who Comes out first but Jimmy Marsh that goes WAY back to the North Side Boys & Dance Party USA over 20 yrs ago. How crazy is that.

Donnie puts on one helluva show. The Back Rub if you cant see it in person, Just prepare yourself. You think the podcast is Hawt?? Your in for quite a treat!! We got the the waffle house late & we missed the chant…But I still got a little bit of the waffle House experience as well. In fact. The first Waffle House we went to the lady asked us if we were looking for that Backstreet Boy Donnie Wahlberg. We had to laugh the poor thing was clueless!! BUT she did know which one he was at, So thank you waffle lady!! After Donnie left they were offering everyone that walked thru the door the Donnie Wahlberg Special. LoL Im still laughing… SO DONNIE if you read this.. You made my whole night, Your so Down to earth & made me feel so comfortable around you, that I could just be me. Thank you for being real & not tarnishing the Image I have had of you for so many years, like some stars do.

Hopefully we will meet again because I still have a harley Poster I need you to sign!!!!

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What Wahlberg in a Yankees Jacket?


Something that SO many of you never thought you would see. Donnie Wahlberg in a Yankees coat. Somewhere the Red Sox are poking a VooDoo doll for this one!! lol.. Don’t yell at me the pic is proof! =)

Back in 2012 my friend Amanda & I visited NYC. Im pretty sure this was her first Blue Bloods set visit. But I found the story that I had sent to one of my friends so I figured I would start my blog out right by posting that. So enjoy. Im sure I will have plenty more stories to follow.

We didn’t find Donnie the first two days we were there. Future reference im texting Yikes when i get there…

We went to the first set yesterday. No Donnie. I think we must have walked all over the South Sea street port under both bridges for hours. Call it sight seeing but we never found him. No trailers, no nothing. I think they were filming inside but you still would have thought there would at least be trailers?

Now mind you I’m Suzi Hopalong because I somehow fucked up my knee while walking. One of the older crew guys came up & asked if we were there to see Donnie. and Amanda was like yessssss, lol. So he whispered to us that he was 10 blocks down beside MSG, in the meantime I get a text telling me to fo find Nick Lachey because he was hosting the Today show & I had just been at Rockfeller center. BLAH… I was NOT a happy camper about that one.

So I limp the 10 blocks lol. We get to MSG and I hopped up on the wall right out front of Donnies trailer. I was done, tired & at this point I wasn’t moving I didn’t care who asked me to move. Well it was lunchtime so we were surrounded by about 50 construction workers asking a million questions! lmao.. Love the smooth how you doin New York accent. Then we see Johnny walking Lumpy down the street he says HI and goes into Donnies trailer.  Amanda looked further down the street to see Donnie heading into makeup. He pointed grinned and disappeared.


Two of my other friends show up & at this point it starts Pouring. Lighting and Thundering it was BAD! So we ran up for cover on the steps, luckily there was a office building there. So about 10 minutes later donnie comes out of makeup trailer and runs up the steps after us. I got the hug first and the mashing of my head into his chest. Not sure why but he always does this. NOT that I mind at all lol. I ended up telling him that we had been looking for the set for two days, he couldn’t believe we could not find him & told us we should have asked a certain someone because she usually knew how to find him. Then he hugged everyone else, at this point we were the only BH’s there so we lucked out even if it was raining. I mean its Donnie, he brings the rain. He had a huge umbrella and said someone walk me back to my trailer and I will give you my umbrella. So I volunteered to be that person and got to walk him over to his trailer. Giggling my ass off because I’m not a tall person, that umbrella was huge and I could barely hold it over both of our heads! He gives me the umbrella for us to stand under and he goes inside.

He comes out and says about 10 minutes later you 4 inside. HOLY SHIT. We were about to get our first trailer visit. We ended up spending 3hrs in the trailor with Johnny & Lumpy and the girls. Insane. It was kind of nice to know that he trusted us enough to get us out of the rain for awhile. There was another girl in there a Friend of the guys who turned out to be super nice as well, funny part I thought it was Donnies secret girlfriend. Lmao Im such an idiot. I didn’t find out til we got home that it wasn’t her. But seriously? 3 hours with Johnny lol. I wanted Donnietime & got Johnny instead. He’s a pretty funny guy to talk to thou.

Amanda went outside to smoke at one point and when she opened the door? A whole line of BH’s had now lined up the wall in the pouring rain. Word must have gotten out where he was. Were BH’s we don’t care. It could be a Monsoon and we would still show up for Donnie! I overhear Amanda being asked if I was inside the trailer to tell me to come out & say hi… how the hell do people even know I was in town??

So Donnie was on set the entire time & called and asked the one girl to tell us, he wanted to come back and rest. And wanted to know if we could go take a lunch break and come back later lol.

Well we went outside and the rest of the BH’s all ran in the Pouring rain down to his trailor to stop him. And with him being as nice as he is he took them all inside where we saw camera flashes going off like crazy. lol.. In the meantime to rain has turned into a wicked Monsoon. Amanda’s flight had gotten canceled and mine was moved back 4hrs and then moved again and I realized that I had to leave to catch my flight right then or I was going to get stuck in NYC.

Amanda got upset that she was being left in the city alone so I drug her back down to the trailer with me. I said come on will go say goodbye and then we can leave. Well the bodyguard who is as big as Earl was guarding the door. So I leaned down beneath his arm  so Donnie could see me & after the rest of the BH’s left he motioned for him to let me in.

Then he asked me to come back to the set later. Well of course I replied I had to fly home. He was like Oh Beerbabe why did you catch me at the wrong time. Your flight is going to get canceled you can stay! lol.. And he just gave me that look of his then he leaned over and kissed my head. He asked what we had done in the city, and I said we went to see Wicked. He said did you cry at the end? Cause i did. lol.. How damn cute.

I got another hug as I left and a see you soon.. and I was starting to freakout at this point because I had never navigated the NYC Subway alone. I always get mixed up on which direction I should be going. Luckily my friend got me on the right one but then there was the gypsy cab to the airport that went about a 100 mph the OH Shit handles were my best friend. And then the stormy flight home that had me a nervous wreck. But in the end it was well worth the craziness!!

Thank goodness for old FB messages where I found this story. It was nice to revisit that day. Until next time *MuchLove2U&CAP2*