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What can I say.. I Love the idea of extra money. Don’t we all? But joining yet another company to sell online after totally Bombing at the last 2 I started? Well let just say that it took me nearly 6 mths to finally just not think about what may happen and signed up.

I’m currently on month #2 of selling & I am really starting to enjoy what i do. I have a Full time job already but I can do Younique Virtual FB parties from just about anywhere you can think of. And I’m learning more an more everyday about different ways to apply makeup that I never even dreamed existed!

So with that being said. I’m looking for a few good girls that LOVE to play with makeup like me. Who see Sephora & Ulta as being a little kid in a candy store. Currently until we sell 1 million of our brand new 3D Mascara’s that launched on july 15th. the presenters kit will come with 2 mascaras instead of one. I am listing below everything that come’s with this kit. Think you might be interested?

Visit this link HERE and go down to where it says Sign Up. I would LOVE to have you on my team or leave me a comment =)

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
3 Moodstruck Minerals Pigments: Corrupted (Matte), Confident (Shimmer), Sexy (Shimmer)
Divine Daily Moisturizer
3 Eye Brushes: Deluxe Eye Brush, Liner/Shader Brush, Crease Brush
3 Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliners: Perfect, Pristine, Pompous
Lucrative Lip Gloss: Lovesick
Shade Stick for Mineral Touch Cream and Powder Foundations and BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer
White Status Charm (on purple ring)
Free business website
Instant Access to the Younique Virtual Party System™ (start hosting parties immediately)
$25 USD in Younique Cash on your birthday, annually
PayQuicker Younique bank account
March 2015 Younique Cosmetics and Skincare Catalog
Younique Presenter Guide
All of this comes in our signature black faux leather, embossed Younique case

PluS:: An additional Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
+ An exclusive +YOU charm
+ Free shipping on your Presenter Kit

Just an idea for everyone thats interested in buying the new Mascara this kit is quite a deal.


Diving into the world of Younique

My Younique Page

Makeup it’s a passion. I don’t pretend to act like I’m an expert on it. Actually I’m far from it, but i love experimenting with new products and new companies. Get me in Ulta & Sephora and I’m like a little kid in a candy store. But if your anything like me? I get overwhelmed super fast. Sooooooo many products. So many ways to use them & some? Well some I’m clueless about how to use as well.

So the opportunity came up to sell Younique. I thought why not? The kit was a one time fee of $99.00 so I figured well what do I have to lose? I tried selling ItWorks a few years back & I crashed an burned so hard. I actually ended up paying them. So after that I was Leary of working for myself with any other company. But with Younique you sign up and thats it. You get your own website, no autoships, no monthly fees and a entire case full of makeup and if you don’t end up selling? the makeup is yours to use. OH an the BONUS?? Right now if you sign up you get 2 3D mascaras with your kit. The brand new one launching on July 15th and the original one as well. im actually kind of jealous about that!

2015-07-05 22.04.27

I’m a work in progress1 =) But with Younique I’m learning and helping out others who want to look cute to!! Checkout my webpage and maybe you would like to become a presenter too!

My Younique Page