Diving into the world of Younique

My Younique Page

Makeup it’s a passion. I don’t pretend to act like I’m an expert on it. Actually I’m far from it, but i love experimenting with new products and new companies. Get me in Ulta & Sephora and I’m like a little kid in a candy store. But if your anything like me? I get overwhelmed super fast. Sooooooo many products. So many ways to use them & some? Well some I’m clueless about how to use as well.

So the opportunity came up to sell Younique. I thought why not? The kit was a one time fee of $99.00 so I figured well what do I have to lose? I tried selling ItWorks a few years back & I crashed an burned so hard. I actually ended up paying them. So after that I was Leary of working for myself with any other company. But with Younique you sign up and thats it. You get your own website, no autoships, no monthly fees and a entire case full of makeup and if you don’t end up selling? the makeup is yours to use. OH an the BONUS?? Right now if you sign up you get 2 3D mascaras with your kit. The brand new one launching on July 15th and the original one as well. im actually kind of jealous about that!

2015-07-05 22.04.27

I’m a work in progress1 =) But with Younique I’m learning and helping out others who want to look cute to!! Checkout my webpage and maybe you would like to become a presenter too!

My Younique Page