Response to Mayor Grim’s Times News Article

This is the Title from an article written by the Mayor of Cumberland last Sunday.

Cumberland Mayor: Money driving force for holdouts

There are SO many things wrong with this letter that I really don’t even know where to start my reply. As if this situation isn’t already stressful enough the Mayor has the nerve to basically call us Golddiggers looking for a Life Upgrade. He has stated this in the past on his personal Facebook page. He has the majority of us blocked. However its a small town so blocking is pretty much useless, word gets around. Those posts have sense been deleted. But this article in the Times News won’t go away anytime soon.

This has NEVER been an issue about money. Not now, Not in the Past and it won’t be in the Future!  The Mayor suggested that we were planning on “Prolonging this struggle in the courts” I’m honestly not even sure where he would come up with this conclusion. Because courts obviously mean Eminent Domain. And I really don’t think that any of us wants it to come down to that. But my question is this. He says he’s confident that this project will go through and demolition will start in June. With so many of us still living here on Emily Street, Cecelia Street, Maryland Avenue, Williams Street an Park Street. And were NOT selling. Will they be tearing down around us? Emily as of right now still has 4 occupied homes and the old Sunoco Garage that’s NOT for sale.. So now what?


We are having a Block Party Sponsored by the Institute for Justice on Sunday. It had to be postponed by a day thanks to the Rain in the forecast. And it should be a great Fun day that I invite everyone to stop by and visit. The Mayor stated he would be showing up to talk to us in his article. He has since backed out. But here’s your Open Invitation Mr Grim to visit my Street and actually meet me in person. Since I haven’t had the pleasure yet. You probably wouldn’t like the fact that the answer would be NO but please stop by. And as for the Mayor’s response to the Rolling Mill never taking Pride in this area. I am directing him to my friend Melanie Michael who devoted many years to the parties that were hosted here. I do think the Mayor owes her a HUGE apology. I am also posting an old flyer from 2011 for proof that there has been Block Parties in the past. But funds have been low the last few years. 13227059_10206091014449740_608958405664131203_n

The next part that I wish to talk about is this “their high-dollar, out-of-town attorney” As of this moment we are being represented by the Institute for Justice that is a Non Profit Organization. They found our Journey to be one that they wanted to represent. We have not paid anyone out of pocket as of this moment. I invite you to check out their webpage Here. They have graciously created a website for us and have several billboards located around town right now. 13015535_10156912252645613_3714392556964997107_n

Feel free to checkout The webpage IJ created Save Rolling Mill

“I remain concerned that the residents are paying for and receiving bad advice, while potentially being preyed upon by other outside influences.” (Mayor Grim) We haven’t paid for anything yet. See above IJ has been helping us, not giving us bad advice. Along with Preservation MD an the Lawyers that have taken their time to talk to us. I would never seek advice from anyone in this town, it’s to small and everyone is linked to each other. And they DID NOT seek us out. We went after them with numerous emails an phone calls this past year. So PLEASE Do Not let the Mayor and CEDC fool you or pull the wool over your eyes. This was all due to my Neighbors an I seeking Outside Help.

My last response is to this “The city and CEDC have contacted all residents to offer opportunities to negotiate, including via direct mail, phone calls and personal visits.” (Mayor Grim) I have said this before an I will say it again. I spoke with Shawn Hershberger on August 26th after a friend gave him my phone number. One phone call that is all. I also wrote the Mayor via Facebook before he blocked me an was told that i needed to know what it would take to make me leave. How can I put a price on my Family home? It’s all I have left of everything my Great Grandparents worked towards. To make sure our family would always have home. There has never been any phone calls or letters or contracts sent to my house after that. I might add that Mr Hershberger did try to corner me with his business card after a city hall meeting one night.I did not talk to him and just walked away. Other then that I have never Actually met Mayor Grim or Mr Hershberger in person. They have never to my knowledge been to my house.

We are expected to call the City and the CEDC and offer them our houses. My answer to that is NO! Not really sure how many times we have to say this. ” I believe sensibility will win out in the minds of the residents who are currently fighting economic development in the community for the sake of a greater personal purse.” (Mayor Grim) We ARE NOT against Economic growth as we have been accused of that as well. But until you start using all the Empty Storefronts and Empty land  we already have in this town feel free to build around us, Because were not leaving!


While your at it… Please sign our petition! 95,000 people Strong!


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